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Ads, infomercials, articles, music videos, media etc.

Nordiska Folkhögskolans B&B (2022)

Drone footage of Nordiska. See more here.

UNICEF Greenland (2021)

Video, editing, and graphic design. See more here.

Visit South Greenland (2021)

Instagram ad for Innovation South Greenland.

imagineNATIVE & (2021)

Shown at SXSW and imagineNATIVE.

Nordiska Filmskolan (2018)

The film department at Nordiska Folkhögskolan.

Projekt Støt Grønland (2013)

Archival footage for charity.

Interview, consultancy, and background knowledge for Det Danske Filminstitut's Det Moderne Grønland på Film series (2022).

Video material for the acclaimed
exhibition "Togtet" at the National Museum of Denmark (2021).

Moderator and guest curator for Greenlandic Inuit Film section of Native Spirit Film festival (2021).

Images and video for both Politiken and Danwatch (2021).

Video material and intro speak for music video in collaboration with Frederik "F" Elsner (2020).

… more exampels on YouTube.