BEST SHORT FILM- Nuuk International Film Festival 2020
GOLD AWARD, Best Documentary Short -
Independent Shorts Awards 2020
BRONZE AWARD, Best Editing -
Independent Shorts Awards 2020

ANNUAL AWARD, Best Documentary Short (nominee) -
Independent Shorts Awards 2021
Cortomontagna - 2021
Int. Human-Environment Care Film Festival 2021
Independent Shorts Awards 2020
HONORABLE MENTIONS, Best Cinematography -
Independent Shorts Awards 2020
HONORABLE MENTIONS, Best Original Score -
Independent Shorts Awards 2020
Red Nation International Film Festival 2020
Canberra Short Film Festival - 2020

Log line/synopsis:

A cinematic portrait of despair and anxiety towards an unknown future for the Inuit of the world's largest island. The film questions the rationale behind past and future mining prospects in Greenland and how they are connected to a search for identity for the fledgling nation.

Background: During a thirty year period from the 1950s onwards Greenland saw major societal change as the country went from being a colony of Denmark to a fledgling nation with aspirations of becoming independent one day. What had taken Europe 300 years to accomplish during the industrialisation was more or less forced upon the indigenous population of Greenland in 30. This had great consequences on every aspect of the Inuit way of living and was for many a devastating blow. Now, 70 years later new changes are on the horizon. Changes that are not necessarily for the good.

Official Selections/Screenings:
Alpi Giulie Cinema/Monte Analogo - Trieste, Italy, Early 2022
12th Antarctis Film Festival - Aboa, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, Early 2022
Calcutta International Short Film Festival - Kolkata, India. December 2021
Cortomontagna - Udine, Italy, December 2021
Arctic Film Festival/Winterer's Gathering - Grand Marais, MN. USA. November 2021
Flensburger Kurzfilmtage (in Competition) - Flensburg, Germany. November 2021
Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival - Oaxaca, Mexico. November 2021
Native Spirit Film Festival - London University, London. U.K. November 2021
Native Spirit Taiwan Festival - Tainan, Taiwan. October 2021
Arica Nativa - Festival De Películas Nativas (in Competition) - Arica, Chile. October 2021
Int. Human-Environment Care Film Festival - Pickering, Canada. October 2021
imagineNATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival - Toronto, ON. Canada. October 2021
Explorers Club Polar Film Festival - Christchurch, New Zealand. October 2021
Int. Short Film Festival of Cyprus (in Competition) - Limassol, Cyprus. October 2021
Arctic International Film Festival (in Competition) - Moscow, Russia October 2021
Nordatlantiske Filmdage - Copenhagen, Denmark. September 2021
Lunenburg Doc Fest (in Competition) - Lunenberg, Canada. September 2021
Asinabka Film & Media Arts Festival - Ottawa, Canada. September 2021
Nordic International Film Festival (in Competition) - New York, USA. August 2021
CineGlobe Film Festival (in Competition) - Cern, Switzerland. August 2021
GECO Film Festival (in Competition) - Melbourne, Australia. July 2021
Nickel Independent Film Festival - St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. July 2021
Liberation Docfest - Dhaka, Bangladesh. June 2021
Wairoa Maori Film Festival - Wairoa, New Zealand. June 2021
Trento Film Festival - Trento, Italy. May 2021
Ecocine Human Rights Festival - Sao Paolo, Brazil. April 2021
Canberra Short Film Festival (in Competition) - Canberra, Australia. March 2021
Maoriland Film Festival - Ōtaki, New Zealand. March 2021
Demetera International Short Film Festival - Paris, France. March 2021
Tampere Film Festival (in Competition) - Tampere, Finland. March 2021
Skábmagovat Film Festival - Inari, Finland. January 2021
Tromsø International Film Festival (in Competition) - Tromsø, Norway. January 2021
Dunedin International Film Festival - Florida, USA. January 2021
Independent Shorts Awards - Burbank, LA. USA, December 2020
Red Nation International Film Festival (in Competition) - LA, United States. November 2020
Nuuk International Film Festival (in Competition) - Nuuk, Greenland. September 2020

People have always told stories…


Poetic documentary short

Funded by
the Nordic Institute in Greenland and made possible with the help of Nordiska Filmskolan.

Filming location:

Narsaq, Southern Greenland. July 2020.


Runtime: 6 min 49 seconds.
1.85:1 ratio (1998x1080p, 2K), stereo.

Electronic presskit:
Electronic press kit can be found here (PDF).
For more on the director visit the info page.

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More about the film:
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