With 15+ years of experience as a teacher and lecturer it is possible for the individual lectures listed below to be combined and fitted for various situations/audiences.

Examples of workshops/lectures:

  • Anything related to Greenland
  • Greenlandic filmmaking and obstacles
  • Story structure and storytelling in film (short- and long films)
  • Nordic Colonialism, a filmic perspective
  • Learn the language of film*
  • Digital videoproduction and photography*
  • Learn Final Cut Pro X**
  • Mobile-filmmaking on a smartphone
  • Using film in teaching

Contact me and we'll figure out how to suit your specific needs.

*individual lectures or teaching over several classes

**as an introduction or more advanced

Nordic Youth Festival

Workshop mentor at NUFF (Nordisk Ungdoms Festival) in Tromsø 2019.

University of Greenland

Guest lecturer/teacher on documentary filmmaking with an indigenous focus (2021)

Northern Script & Nordic Film Camp

Workshop mentor and lecturer at Northern Script in Oulu (Finland) and Nordisk Filmcamp (Denmark) 2022.

Festivals and film events

Featured in podcasts/talks from e.g. the European Film Academy, imagineNATIVE & Native Spirit Film Festival.


Workshop mentor at Reykjavik International Film Festival 2020, returning as a lecturer in 2021.


Lecture on Greenlandic filmmaking, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival 2022.

Danish Film Institute

Interview and expert knowledge on Det Moderne Grønland på Film for Det Danske Film Institut 2022.

Radio and mediaoutlets

Featured on Sveriges Radio, podcasts for research facilities, at universities, the European Film Market etc.